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Need a buying agent in Chiang Mai, Thailand ?
Locates supplies at best prices and terms
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Oversight and follow up for any products inspection
Consolidates products as one shipment on behalf of you
Chiang Mai Buying Agent
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Chiang Mai Buying Agent for Your Purchasing

"Many think that using the services of a Chiang Mai buying agent is too expensive. This is not the case. Buying agents can save you money, time and stress, whatever your budget."


BuyingNinja is a Chiang Mai buying agent.

A team of professionals that specialise in searching and negotiating the purchase of goods in Chiang Mai on behalf of the buyer. If you are interested in Thailand wholesale items, we can be of assistance to you. We are also often called handicraft broker in Chiang Mai, as well as Thailand Buying AgentWe do not sell. The key difference between us and a traditional trading company is who we represent. We work for you as the buyer, whereas trading companies work for themselves and hide their vendors (manufacturers). Acting as your buying agent, we discuss all details with you allowing you to make an educated decision to buy, or not to buy products here . We will always offer you our thoughts and honest advice but ultimately the decision is yours. 

We can help you find the widest range of wholesale handicrafts and handmade furniture in Chiang Mai and get the best deals. The artists in Baan Tawai and Bosang villages who meticolously work on their handmade products of wooden, ceramic and natural materials, are famous for their skills.. more»






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